2 definitions by Catherine 👑👑😭🥰😳

Basically the word “mal” which means that you’re stupid in a nicer form.

Maloş mal kelimesinin daha kızsal bir halidir inanmazsan git işine gücüne bak amına kodumun çocuğu
Kız: ayy benim maloşumm

Erkek: ne var lan
Kız: iyyy git öl öküz olu öküz
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The baddest bitch (female dog) ever to be born, hella thicc, loves cuddles, and she can be in love with someone really quick but forget about them that fast, and boy let me tell you if you lose her once and she still gives you a second chance take that shiiii, she is the best kisser ever with them big ass lips 💋, can change your life when y’all are in bed 👅😏, if you got a chance w her marry her already you fucking dumbass
Dude 1: who is that girl?
Dude 2: her name is filiz
Dude 1: ima hook up w that filiz chick
Dude 2: bruh dont say that she’s already dating an older guy

Dude 1: ughh man I thought I had a chance w her
by Catherine 👑👑😭🥰😳 February 10, 2020
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