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A series of stories published on fanfiction.net about a Task Force deployed to special situations, but all of the operatives are under age. It features a broad spectrum of shows. Some of the shows featured aren't good at all, but the author, nosorrow13 (his pen name) makes up for it. The events and storylines can be very controversial and offensive to some people, which loses it a lot of fans. However, it's fans stick with it to the end. It is slotted to finish up this spring or summer. Also, the relationship between two characters in the last two stories seems to be an actual relationship the author has, but with different names. In addition, it is rumored that the author uses his own real name for the real character's, probably to establish a better connection when writing.

I almost forgot, an online beta reader for the series who I'm friends with told me that he bashes his friend in the final chapter of the series, essentially calling her a cold-hearted bitch.

The order of the stories is:
1) Taskforce 13

2) Taskforce 13: Riot

3) Taskforce 13: Flight to Nowhere

4) Taskforce 13: The New Alpha

5) Taskforce 13: Los Angeles

6) Taskforce 13: Lost and Found (Published on FictionPress .com)
7) Blak (Chapter 8 was written by another author, called tilante)

8) Taskforce 13: Relaunched
Have you read the new Taskforce 13 yet?
by CassieQue April 02, 2011

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