2 definitions by Casey R. Hunter

A great book series about a half-vampire named Darren and his mentor. The series follows Darren as he learns the ways of vampires, proves himself to all of the other vampires, and struggles for his life in the action-packed saga.
"Did you read the last Cirque Du Freak book?"
"Yeah!! It was great!!"
by Casey R. Hunter April 1, 2010
The worst book ever. No plot, no character development, pedophilia, necrophilia.....the list goes on forever. There are millions of rabid fangirls out there just waiting to rip your head off if you say one bad thing about Twilight. Even mention the word "twilight" and they'll be next to you in second. Also, Twilight has somehow made them forget everything they have learned in English class since many of them can no longer spell or use grammar. A typical fangirl also believes that Edward is real and that she will one day marry him. Also, one of the most annoying things is that the"vampires" sparkle. SPARKLE. Seriously? Stephanie "Mormon" Meyer has turned the fearsome vampire into a cuddly vegetarian. Give me a break.
Typical Twilight Fangirls - "omgggg edward is so HAWWWT! how do u, lyk, thnk hes ugly?" "i knoooo any1 who thnks hes ugly must b blind or somethng"

"edward is amazinggggg hes gonna marry me 1 day nd im gonna hve demon babies with him!!!!"
by Casey R. Hunter April 1, 2010