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Verb: To be asphyxiated during the act of sexual intercourse, whether consentually or forcibly.

Derogitory title: A sexual deviant who asphyxiates others during a sexual act. Generally, the implication is that the act is not welcomed or consentual.
Brent was always so oddly polite and quiet. We were not surprised to learn he was a strangle-fuck.
by CarridesthroughAZ January 28, 2015
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A fart that travels up the entire length of one's buttcrack before "sputtering", "squealing" or going "pop, pop, pop" once it reaches the lower back. This generally occurs when in a sitting position, especially on leather or vinyl.
The Long Haul Trucker (Fart) scenario#1:"Man, I gotta fart, but there's so many people in the car.. I'll just ease one out..Uh, oh! UH OH! "Squeeeeeeeeeal, POP!" Oops.

The Long Haul Trucker (Fart)"scenario#2: "Oh my God, I've been standing here listening to my boss yammer on for 15min, and man, I totally gotta shit! I'll just squeeze my cheeks a little harder..oh no.."Slide..sputter!, sputter!, sputter!"
by CarridesthroughAZ September 5, 2012
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