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The condition of any unexplained rash , cyst , draining infection , limping or general grossness of one's leg.

Can also be caused by sliding into 2nd , stepping on rusty nails or hose testing.

Other known contributors are misuse of Chinese medicine , never wearing shorts , Greek messages and most likely too much mayonnaise.
Female : Do you have Harding Leg right now?
Male: Do I look like Dan , Paul or Brayn?
Female: No
Male: Then shut up , cunt.
by CaptainMick January 1, 2021
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The guy who leaves the group to play pretend promotion , then comes back to eat meals with the group , and doesn't pay.
Did he pay for breakfast?
No , he's the new Nick.
Ok , cunt
by CaptainMick October 16, 2021
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