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I quick polite and condescending phrase that implies that the user knows what is being implied and in fact does not care for the implication.

Also known as "I don't give a fuck what you think, but thanks"
Woman: Honey, you can really drink a lot. You should be proud.

Man: I appreciate your candor. Now blow me.
by CaptAhab June 05, 2013

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A creature that is comparable in deviousness to the pod people from invasion of the bodysnatchers. The Jenna stalks the mortal earth at night, after slithering into our dimension from a two way mirror. The Jenna also smells highly of yeast infections because it compulsively sticks any item it manages to get its grubby little fingers on up its vagina. The Jenna does not just kill you plainly, it sucks your soul out of your deceased body, after killiing you by boring you to death by talking about art. The Jenna resembles a cross between Tyler durden and Ellen degeneres.

The jenna's only fear is the majestic honey badger.
Hide your babies and shanghai any and all honey badgers you find to protect yourself from the oncoming Jenna.
by Captahab March 27, 2011

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