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Fitter and Turner
A Fitter and Turner commonly referred to as a Mechanical Fitter or Fitter.
They are known as Gods amongst men.
Fitters are generally found in the Heavy Earthmoving/ Fixed Plant maintenance industry.
Fitters live by a simple code;
"I can't fix stupid but I can fix what stupid does"
"Do it once, Do it right"
Fitters are the back bone of the trade world and are envied by all who fall short of their godly, prestigious calibre.
A Fitter and Turner is a tradesperson whom specialises in the manufacture and fitting of mechanical components.
by Canny Funt February 6, 2018
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The original Toyota 2.8L Engine.
Commonly known as an absolute bulletproof motor unsurpassed by any other four cylinder known to mankind.
The 3L is known to be kept as a backup motor to power the earths orbit should the LS1 motor already powering it fail.
The 3L motor is the original 2.8L four cylinder motor from the early Toyota Hilux Models
by Canny Funt January 17, 2018
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