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To invoke a conversation with someone in an attempt to win their feelings and usually in a manner that is not genuine.
"Hey man stop frontin with that girl"
by Canadian July 30, 2003

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explosive diarria
handwash was tossing his brothers salad when he got b0gged.
by canadian June 16, 2003

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a TV news station which recently had a lengthy segment on some gay spanish radio station's dumbass attempt to prank call the president of Cuba, Fidel Castro. It all wrapped up with the ultra-cool prankers telling Castro what was really on their minds and calling him an ASSASSIN, since thats apparently what he really is! (and all this time i thought he was more of a revolutionary or something)
Hey non-american friend wanna watch some funny stuff? We'll watch CNN!!!

Comedy News Network
by Canadian June 19, 2003

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To experience or give oral sex to someone for the very first time,
1. I went on an odyssey last night with Mona.
2. Me and Mona's odyssey was very weird to tell the truth.
by Canadian July 30, 2003

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