3 definitions by Canada (2022)

The social exclusion or deliberate rejection of persons defined by their trans status.
Distinct accommodations are also incommodious to transgender persons because they reinforce transolation.
by Canada (2022) October 13, 2022
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The mutual bonds asylum seekers create with each other that arise from observational and experiential harms.
Empirical bonding - It could be said that transgender asylum seekers enter Direct Provision under the blind assumption that it is an environment where one can create an empirical bond with the community.
by Canada (2022) October 13, 2022
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A vigilante group of international protection applicants who tacitly reconstitute a religious landscape of Sharīaʿ code through innuendo and cultural opprobrium in Direct Provision, so as to create a hostile environment towards gender nonconforming and transgender international protection applicants.
The fear of becoming the target of morality policing in Direct Provision may induce others to shield themselves against the asylum morality police's threats, and to engage in self-protecting behaviour and attributions
by Canada (2022) October 13, 2022
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