2 definitions by CaliLove

A Unicorn is a bisexual or gay male.

Sometimes its referred to a male or female that a couple is looking for in their polyamorous relationship will refer to the third person as a Unicorn.

Check out gay clothing companies, the men wear and sell many unicorn items with gay rainbows and such.

It's an LGBTQ thing, whether you're a bisexual female with a couple or a male, but this generally refers to males.
"Come on Jake, let's go gay bar hopping and find us a hot unicorn to take home!"
by CaliLove April 10, 2019
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Man, that Doggystyle album is simply tha shiznit.
Deathrow Records were tha shiznit from 1992-1996.
by CaliLove November 08, 2006
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