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It's a promotional sex move, in which you endorse your sexual advances as if it is an infomercial.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
"I gave her The Pitchman last night, she loved it so much, her pussy was soaking up my pre-cum like a Sham-wow!"

"Tired of messing with douche bag guys that just can't make cum? Well, get my Finger Buster! I will give you not one finger, not two fingers, but three whole fingers in your pussy! And if you cum now I will throw in an extra 10 minutes of clit busting action for free! You can't lose!"
by CaliBoy Twizzler October 30, 2009
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Its a sex move. When the guy is about to ejaculate, he pulls out his dick, lays it on top of the chicks stomach, and punches down on his dick like a hammer when he is busting.

Seed is spread all over the place, just not watermelon seed.
"Dude, she is totally easy, you could for sure give her The Gallagher tonight!"
by CaliBoy Twizzler October 24, 2009
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