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A half rich, half ghetto town.
Once you cross the train tracks on Palisade Ave, it becomes a whole new town. The people who live up in the hills are rich and have spoiled kids who all go to private school, and the ethnic makeup of the residents of the "Hills" are 60% White, 15% Latino 5% Asian and 10% Black.
The Ghetto, aka "Englehood" sucks. Its home to 70% black,20% Latino, 19% Asian and 1% White. Unless you have a gun, stay out of here.
Guy: Ok, Ill pick you up at 10, where do you live?
Girl: Englewood
Guy: Oh I see, I cant go out with you. Im not allowed in Englehood
Girl: No! Dont worry! I live on the Hills!
by Caitiee November 30, 2008

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