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Confirms whether or not the previous question has been understood. Not to be confused with the Italo-American dialect of capisci also known as Capiche. (Kah-Peesh)
You gotta kill 'em to win, capish?
by Cabcose January 10, 2011

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Usually a middle/high class white teenager that finds a tiny imperfection in their life, and makes a big deal out of it. Hell, half of them don’t have anything at all to be sad about. They only hang out with other emos and listen to their soft core music that they think suites their fake personality. All and all they are pitiful excuses of their own species and are disgraces to humanity.
Wow, because it’s likely that there are a hell of a lot of emos that are going to read this, they will probably enter a state of denial and give this a bad review.
by Cabcose March 07, 2009

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