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A car that spanks mustangs, camaros, firebirds.... etc. usually costs more to make it do so but will still save gas and insurance money + your mom never has to know about. Usually seen in urban racing making old ppl cry for buying 05' $50,000 Vettes getting doors blown off by a slightly used 98' civic with a $2000 engine, a few mods, and ricer accessories.... if needed a $2000 turbocharger and still save more gas, insurance , as well as fit 3 more ppl in the back. basically the reason why civics get stolen faster/on a more needed basis and heavier than any other car on the planet. Also if the cops are watching im coppin ( means everyone wants what the cops hate )

Want proof ? goto any urban race scene, track, etc.
Damn some fart cannon just ate my vette alive off the line. Im gonna trade my 5.7L V8 for the 06'' civic si just to save gas/money/insurance and still afford my wifes luxury.
by CRACKUZ-R-DUMB July 09, 2005

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