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A tropical poor man's take on a White Russian. Citrus vodka, Kahlua, Irish creme, and milk, substitute almond or soy milk for the health conscious.
"Dude, got hammered off of Mobster Milkshakes and stole a car last night!"
by CL Media March 26, 2017
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an addition to the derogatory act of raising the middle finger, the opposite arm is raised simultaneously while flexing the bicep to give an emphasis of strength and intimidation.

note: at times an ordinary middle finger doesn't articulate the extreme disdain one might have for another, in these cases an atomic finger is more appropriate.
The other day I saw my ex-girlfriend holding hands with my best friend, so I dropped everything and gave them both an atomic finger.
by CL Media March 22, 2012
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a cocktail comprised of peppermint schnapps and lemon-lime gatorade, to be used late in the night in order to solidify a good performance in post game endeavors
"Hey, it's last call, we need some 4th quarters to keep us going strong after the bars close."
by CL Media December 20, 2012
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