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Being intoxicated on three substances simultaneously.

Generally Alcohol, Marijuana, and some other substance. The third ingredient is really personal preference but some popular choices include:


A good trifecta is the nicotine, weed, alcohol which gets you in a good party mood and balancing the three types of buzz is very important.
Dude 1: I had an amazing Tri Fade going last night. I smoked two blunts, was dipping for for like an hour and then pounded 5 beers and 6 shots.

Dude 2: Sounds nice. Tobacco focuses the senses, Alcohol makes you want to party, and weed just makes it all feel so pleasant.

Dude 1: Hell yeah, I'm trying the Quad Fade next friday!
by CHS 2010 January 28, 2010

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The phrase to be used by those classy cannabis smokers who know that the only 'right way' to pass a piece is the right way.

Any smoking device being used in a smoking rotation should be passed to the right. Exceptions are allowable, but only when its not a particularly epic rotation. Any rotation with importance (ie. on 4/20, multi-blunt, at a crackin party, or anytime after 3am) should always use a 'to the right rotation'
But when the crew circles to smoke that good, there's one thing you better know- Playa I pass that shit to the right, yeah I pass that shit to the right, time gettin slow, bag gettin low but I pass that shit to the right.
by CHS 2010 September 01, 2010

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Bless: V. To smoke cannabis. To have a smoking session (sesh).

The full version of the tem is "Bless Jah", Jah being common Jamaican for "God". This makes perfect sense seeing as the god of the rasta movement might best be defined as cannabis smoking.

To "Bless", as of posting, isn't very widely known, and as such it has several advantages to just saying "Let's toke".

1) It can be said in front of authorities or people opposed to cannabis smoking without them understanding the meaning.

2) It implies the spiritual aspect of cannabis smoking, which is a great way to think of smoking.

3) It separates the speaker from lesser smokers who use such conventional terms as "smoke"
Yo what's good playa. I just picked up a quarter-O of tangerine kush, tryin to go Bless?

Fuck yah, let's Bless Jah.
by CHS 2010 October 07, 2010

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