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a guy who participates in running train on some bitch.
Van: "Hey look isn't that Bovice over there?!!!"

Orpheus: "Yeah, it is!!! Wow he is definetly the greatest Train Runner of all time!!! As a matter of fact me'n Bovice ran train on your sister last night!!!"

Van: "Excuse Me?"

Orpheus: "Bitch, EXCUSE ME!!!!"
by CHOWS April 06, 2008
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A perfect girl 10 out of 10. aka FSHB
instead of fuckin smoking hot bitch the a's substitute for i's. theres a name for every type from 1-10. 7-10 is batch range. 5-6 botch range. 1-4 butch range.
Man that blondes with big tits is a FACKIN SMACKIN HAT BATCH!!!
by CHOWS June 07, 2007
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