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Sara : the most accurate definition of a sara is a hammy fat loser bitch who will stab you in the back because she is such a jelous spreckled ham WHO IS PRONE TO JELOUSY EVEN THOUGH SHE SHOULD GET REAL AND SEE THAT EVERYONE IS BETTER LOOKING THAN HER EVEN A PERSON WHO HAS SUFFERED FROM FOETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME,even her own mother dislikes her,bcos the cheap slapper stole her moms knife(she was too cheap to buy her own) in fact nobody really gets on with such a dangerous slapper..she makes em bois go hard lol none of the proper boys will take her out unless its eurosaver mc ham and cheese lol!!!that diarrohea faced scam SCHEMING artist is sooooooo annoying you would want to slap her one for being such a cheap annoying tart..!! When confronted with a common slut like a sara the best thing to do is (a) give her a frosty look no hi's just stare (b) laugh even if you feel you are wasting good money on ur botox,if it quickens the pace FUCKIT!!(c) hi and bye it running.. THESE BITCHES ARE DANGEROUS HOES WITH ANGRY STDS LIKE SYPHILLIS ETC..AND ARE TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS!! sara: bye mom im going out to collect FOODSTAMPS & my hash browns cu later.. sara's mom: ok P@@p face take ur time lol SHE IS DESTINED FOR GREAT THINGS SUCH AS A CE SCHEME I MEAN WHO WOULD EMPLOY THAT CHEAP SCHEMING SLAPPER???!?!
*sara sees dave( she had problems and is easy to manipulate and she is evil slap) on her way down and says hi whos eyes she scratched out when she was in school because she was such a vicous ham!!*

*dave starts engine & hi's and bye's it coz he is not interested in getting the clap or any other vicous std sara may have*

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