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Sterling, IL is a Boring town with alot of mexicans. like, super small, only 15000 people, and is half ghetto. and no one knows what emo is. and noone has heard of the awesome song sandstorm, and it has sucky radio stations.
so dont come move here, uless your interesting, and ccan spice things up, because you'll be bored out of yur pants, but then youll get pregnant, and can put your baby in the onsite day care at the HIGH SCHOOl, because too many girls did it to early and got pregnant.
theres lotsa drugs too, and drinking, and gangs, where people get stabbed, so dont join one.
also th mal, sucks balls. uh, theres a bath & body works, claires, bergners(carson's, younkers, herbegers, the boston store) jcpenneys, finish line and these other tiny stores no one has heard of. if you want to do anything fun, yo have to drive about an hour away to rockford, or the quad cities.
Walmart is pretty much the biggest store, theres a travel agency, nail salon, optometrist, photography studio , "fun"center, and a grocery store. all in walmart.
its pretty much the exact smae thng as Rock falls, the next town over, except rockfalls has a poop factory next to the high school, and no A/C, so when it gets hot, they open the windows, and smell the poop.yum.
oh yeah, and if you want to fit in in sterling know the lingo, WOW! and NUH-UH and stupid whore and OHMIGAWD
Sterling, IL words:
mexican:hi, your mom smells like poop
guy:WOOOOOOW!your cool
girl:so-and-so likes you
other girl: NUH-UH
by CARSKANSUSIDEN October 13, 2006

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