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"White Anglo Saxon Protestant". The most common place for W.A.S.P.s would be New England. Smart, witty, posh, classy, old money, top of the social chain, good looking, country club members, nonchalant, old school, boat owners, capable of outdoing anyone on anything, original prep (none of this new popped-collar, tacky pearls, and ribbons), boat shoes, Polo's, Lacoste, scandelous in private, small stature.
There are two types of people who go to country clubs:
People who let you know that they attend a country club, and those who you had no idea because they don't go about telling everyone. We call those people w.a.s.p.s.

"Wow, you should be in a porno."
"No, I can't do that."
"Why not?"
"Because I'm a w.a.s.p."
by C1 January 19, 2006

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A place for witty wasps, farmers, and Cal Ripkin. Out in the boonies, but close to Hunt Valley. Many homes belong to prep school kids and their parents' luxury cars. A quiet place, but full of partying every weekend. Nice houses with great land value.
"Where do you live?"
"Out on Tufton."
"Dude are you rich?"
"No, but my dad is."
by C1 January 19, 2006

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