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Decatur is a small town in Texas. Located north of Dallas, it is a farming community, for the most part. For the uninitiated, in simple to understand language, it is a synonym for Heaven on Earth. It is possible to find angels, divas and other heavenly bodies residing there. The streets have colorful names that depict their origins, such as Farm to Market Rd #2264, written simply as FM 2264 when addressing mail for the postal service. People there are uncommonly open and friendly towards strangers and there are no social clicks beyond everybody is everybody's friend. Summer is hellishly warm, subject to tornadoes, while winter is colder than a well digger's hind end in January during a snow storm. However, spring more than compensates for the extremes of summer and winter, with prairie flowers sprinkled generously along the roadsides. Decatur is the very reason why it is said "God blessed Texas".
DD: Where have you been?

CC: I went to Heaven on Earth(sigh)
DD: Oh. You went to Decatur, Texas again.
by C.C.What December 14, 2011

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