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Another way of saying "Oh, Hey there!"

As started on the freenode network channel #tyreus
Ambur has joined #tyreus
<Brad_R> O hai thar, Ambur!
<Ambur> O hai!
by BwaddArr / Monkie / MrMonkie January 16, 2010
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Obviparently; Pronounced (ob - vih - pair - ent - lee) Is a combination of the word Obviously and Apparently. I know a lot of people who use this word in Michigan (all over) so why not spread it to the other states and countries? :)
"You obviparently didn't see last Wednesdays viewing of LOST."

Person1: "I can still do x if y."
Person2: (Sarcastically) "Obviparently."
by BwaddArr / Monkie / MrMonkie March 02, 2009
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