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A Brianna is most likely a blonde girl who is nice & sweet but stands up for herself when she needs to. Brianna is a beautiful girl, & won't let anyone tell her differently. She most likely had a boyfriend most of the time but, when she doesn't boys act like they are her boyfriend. Sometimes she may get jealous but she would never tell anyone that. Brianna may flirt with other boys but, when she has that one boy in mind that's all she can think about. She is loyal as f*** when it comes to relationships. A Brianna won't cheat on you, unless you have been acting like an a**hole. She can hold a grudge if you do something really stupid. So treat them right & you will be ok♥
friend: Yo.. last night i was with brianna.

other friend: what happened?
friend: everything was going perfect, until this girl got in her face for no reason.

other friend: what did she do?
friend: she beat the shizz outta that girl!
by ButterBall♥ February 20, 2012
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