32 definition by Busted Hyman

Adjective to describe any male person with very dark skin especially men of African descent.
Those professional basketballers would all be blackballed.
by Busted Hyman July 07, 2006

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A woman who can be relied upon to fuck all day every day. Derived from Australian Hyundai advertisement "Hyundai's....go all day, every day".
My woman's a 'Hyundai'. She can't get enough of it; a nymphomaniac.
by Busted Hyman July 04, 2006

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Describes the verbal garbage that is spoken by a severely drunken person.
I had so much to drink last night, that I was speaking swahili.
by Busted Hyman July 04, 2006

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Asshole Invader's Death Sentence

A disease designed to eradicate all the disgusting, sicko poo punchers from the face of the earth.
I wish Liberace were still alive; of course, he died of AIDS.
by Busted Hyman July 05, 2006

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