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a state nobody cares about, like montana or north dakota that is stuffed full of mormons. it constantly tries to compare itself to colorado in every way, like- salt lake city is a wannabe seattle or denver that's 5x smaller and everyone is mormon.
also, the only state that will NEVER legalize marijuana. ever.
"woah. there are too many mini vans around here."

"yeah dude of course there are. mormons have 11 children each."

"get me the hell outta here."

by Bus Couch March 22, 2011
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an anti-anxiety med that relaxes you to the max. although you do not trip or hallucinate from it, you can get super high to the point where you can't remember how to spell certain words and you forget your own name. It's also a short-term memory eraser so the next day you won't remember shit.

but it is super potent and dangerous, so, you've been warned.
"i had to order your food for you at Racine's because the waitress thought you were mentally retarded."


"because you were so fucked up on Ativan that you couldn't even talk in complete sentences and garrett was laughing his ass off. you embarrassed me."

"oh. I don't remember that."

by Bus Couch March 22, 2011
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