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A community 2 fans of the most famous Minecraft trio on youtube: "The Trio" have made, and are trying to grow it.
It's consisted of an informational website, a discord server and a Minecraft server
Keep in mind, all types of communism are supported here, so no bueno if you are capitalist spy.
Since January 31st - February 1st (depending on timezones) 2020, "The Trio", the main focus of this community, has split apart and has lost the member known as "Skeppy", and now consists of "BadBoyHalo" and "a6d".
A: Hey did you join the muffin gang discord?
B: Yeah, it's great, you should too, expect pingspoofers
A: Do they serve thin crust?
B: I'm not sure, ask them.
by BurnedPinguin February 03, 2020

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