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In the early '90s, many actors, politicians and stagehands had their 'Greatest Hit' inserted between their first and last names as a famenthetical, much like a middle name or nickname.

The famenthetical was usually bracketed by parenthesis or quotation marks, and served to 'explain' the cited person to an audience that did not know their name, but might recognize the reference.
Robin (Princess Bride) Wright (or Robin "Buttercup" Wright), Lars (Metallica) Ullrich, Dana (Church Lady) Carvey, or Tom "Swordfishtrombones" Waits, Burl (Burl Slabs) Slabs, and Boonthanachuck "Merv" Boonthanatun are historical examples.
Contemporary figures who often get that extra famenthetical exposition include Rick "oops" Perry, Janet (wardrobe malfunction) Jackson and Joey (of the Ramones) Ramone.
by Burl Slabs December 28, 2011
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Having a Boy Scout-like preparedness for all things. Like Macguyver, but with a shitload of highly specialized tools already at hand.
Burl: "I had to heat the drums up with a torch, then use a drill press to get the old bearings out."

Boon: "You have that stuff in your garage? Pretty screebajeebling'!"
by Burl Slabs July 10, 2011
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