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A song by Tool. The song is often interpreted as being about commercialism. "Not enough, I need more, nothing seems to satisfy...I dont want it, I just need it, to breathe, to feel, to know im alive." This is referring to the way people in modern society let material possessions control their mental states. "Constant over-stimulation numbs me but I would not want it any other way" is referring to the way advertisements have penetrated every last corner of our lives (constant overstimulation) however people do not care because they do indeed attach their well-being to their possessions (but I would not want it any other way). The analogy in the song is indeed about fisting. As the song progresses it gets deeper ("finger/elbow/shoulder deep inside the border line") referring to the slow, gradual transformation society has made to consumerist values. A very good song on a very good CD by a very good band.
I heard the song "stinkfist" and now I refuse to listen to any lesser bands.
by BurgLyke October 05, 2004
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Stepping stone from Capitalism to Communism. It will not work with humans and society at the current level of evolution. I do believe, however, in the far future, it will be possible. The reason socialism and communism have not worked so far is because they did not first have capitalism. You see, Capitalism provides the infrastructure needed for Socialism and Communism to work and in places like the USSR and China, they went straight from agrarian societies to Communism (skipping capitalism and socialism) so it did not work. There were other reasons as well like dictators and corruption. Communism is the perfect system but alas, human beings are NOT perfect so they are not compatible.
by BurgLyke October 12, 2003
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The other definition here is correct to a certain extent but it is really much more than that. It stresses individuality and freedom of choice but it also stresses an individuals responsibility to the choices he makes. Also discards all religion as a means to control human behavior. Existentialism is still a current movement but its most influential members came in the early 1900's. They include Sartre, Camus and Dostoevsky.
by BurgLyke October 12, 2003
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Did for sports what MTV did to music. Turned it into a bunch of commercialized GARBAGE. ESPN is very good at creating the illusion that sports are somehow important or meaningful thereby creating a large viewership of brainless drones. Shows like "Sports Center" are done in a format of a news show which accomplishes this end. Then there are sports trivia game shows. All of this mind-rot meshed together creates the worst kind of consumerist sports freak. Sports are stupid anyway...even if it was just a purist sports channel without all the bullshit hype building fluff, would anyone watch it anyway? Stop watching bullshit ESPN game shows, get off your ass, and go PLAY a sport. Or better yet, pickup a book. Its kind of hard to go from watching ESPN to reading books but you can get there. Take it slowly...
Stupid fucks on urban dictionary try to delete my ESPN definition so i put it back up a few days after it dissapears.
by BurgLyke February 16, 2005
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