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1. (noun, derogatory) A passenger on a cruise ship.

Crew members refer to passengers as "cones" for two reasons: First, for the first few days of a cruise, passengers don't have their sea legs yet and tend to stagger into crew members in the narrow hallways. They must be dodged like traffic cones. The other reason to dodge cones is that they will invariably stop a crew member to ask a question when the crew member is in a hurry. It is an insulting term used behind passengers' backs.

2. (verb) For a crew member of a cruise liner to have sex with a passenger.

It is against most cruise lines policy for crew members to "fraternize" with passengers. Usually, "coning" is a fireable offense. Nevertheless, some "cone fiends" (a play on "coke fiend") find a thrill in regularly pursuing this dangerous pastime.
1. Sorry I was late, some fucking cone couldn't find her kid.

2. That moron assistant cruise director got shit-canned for coning, but the ass on that bitch would have almost been worth it!
by Bunky42 July 24, 2009
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(noun, derogatory) A liberal pundit who uses scare tactics and exaggeration to get his/her point across.

(adjective) describes a person or remark with the above qualities.

So termed to poke fun at Rush Limbaugh, a right-wing conservative radio talk-show host often accused of slander and irresponsible presentation of questionable facts as truth.
Did you hear that the FDA releases drugs to intentionally kill poor people?

Shut the fuck up with that Lefty Limbaugh shit.
by Bunky42 July 29, 2009
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(noun) police and military slang for a "plant gun" -- gun placed near or on a suspect by the arresting official as fake evidence of threat.

The term "sock" is used because the plant gun is usually "found" in the suspect's sock, where it is easiest to conceal the act of planting the evidence. In military war zones, it is an illegal but common practice to keep a steady supply of plant guns handy
Oh fuck, I just shot that perp dead in his grill -- someone slide me a sock!
by bunky42 July 28, 2009
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