3 definitions by Bulletproof Vest

A second-rate IT unprofessional who only does one thing well, Delay.
Sorry we're going to be an hour late for lunch today guys. I've got to pull a Ware and slowly fix a problem that even an imbecile could do in minutes.
by Bulletproof Vest October 1, 2021
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The pooch that portrudes from a woman's lower abdomen. When worn with a tighter-fitting shirt it appears she is wearing a bulletproof vest underneath. Most often found in women who have had children, but just can't ever seem to lose that last little bit to get back to where they were pre-pregnancy. Women with a bulletproof vest can still be fine as hell, they're just not 18 years old anymore.
Damn, did you see her? She is fine! She's got a little bit of the bulletproof vest, but I'd still smash.
by Bulletproof Vest December 8, 2011
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