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Also known as the homo cop-out, this is the act of calling something or someone a homosexual either to diffuse a situation or obtain a desired result. Most often used in groups of guys between middle school and college.
Example 1: Guy1: I have such a awesome six-pack!

Guy2: Really? Prove it.

Guy1: No! Are you gay!?! (Also acceptable: No! That would be gay!)

Example 2: Guy1: Dude come watch this hilarious video!

Guy2: *after watching* Wow, that wasn't funny at all...

Guy1: Your so gay.

Example 3: Guy1: *on phone with Guy2* Dude! You should come to this party, there are all these hot chicks and beer! It's sweet!

Guy2: No thanks. I have better things to do than be arrested for anyone of the likely illegal activities you partaking in.

Guy1: Wow, your such a fag...

Guy2: Um.... ok.... I'll be right over!

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by Bukakke Party June 28, 2009
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