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Pleasanton is a nice little town outside of San Fransico. Pleasanton is where the upper class people live, but they aren't as rich as those snobby people in Danville. Main Street was preserved very well (much better than Livermore).

Pleasanton has a wonderful family atmosphere, which can sometimes be annoying. Pleasanton revolves around family. There's so much to do if you have a family or in one. Parks are around almost every corner and shopping places.

Everything is so very clean. Don't ask me why.

Pleasanton is also better than Livermore because Pleasanton has its own mall and the highschoolers there don't smoke pot and other drugs and are gangsters like Livermore. Most of the teenagers are preps or sluts. Goths and punks are not as common as preps or sluts, but they're around. The schools have large metal cages around the windows, which give the school a more prison feel. Soda machines and candy machines, in most schools, have been taken away do to frequent sugar highs.
Everything is very clean, including bathrooms in McDonalds.

Pleasanton is WAY better than Livermore and Danville (aka Evilland) combinded!
by Buffy Summers June 06, 2005
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