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When you meet a girl and she seems sweet and cool, plays video games and smoke blunts. Then you get to know her and wonder if she has multiple personalities
Hey, what ever happened to Kassia?
Ohh, that bitch crazy.

What happened? She was such a sweet girl, brought munchies over all the time.
Ohh nah bruh, I was with my sister at the mall, and she thought I was cheating so she grabbed some kids skate board and broke my sisters tooth.

Oh shit man, sorry to hear.

Yea man, that bitch was undercover crazy
by Bubby Johnson January 05, 2015
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Similar to mansplaining, but instead of patronizing dialogue, she feels the need to explain her emotions and/or reason for her stated comment.
Usually happens when a woman feels the need to reconcile after her statement.
Ex. A
Coworker 1 : After John said “how much longer?”, Sally gave a long explanation on all the reasons for the wait instead of just telling him the time.

Coworker 2 : “Oh she was just womansplaining.”

Ex. B
Guy_gamer-1 - “Give me free stuff.”

Girl_gamer - “How many times is this guy gonna ask for free stuff?”

Guy_gamer-2 - “Damn why you say that?”

Girl_gamer - **very long description on how many times the guy_gamer-1 has asked for free stuff and goes on to explain how she was feeling for each of those times**

Girl_gamer - “Now he knows not to do that again.”
by Bubby Johnson November 06, 2020
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