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Bobby Cox also puts the best true definitions on this site.
That Bubb Cox guy, hes so sexy.
by Bubb Cox February 17, 2005
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This is a site where white boys go because they dont know what black people are saying. They want to be gangster and learn the words so they can fit in with the gangster black people but just cant. Me being white, I believe that white people should stop trying to be gangster because its just too funny.
Hey dudes, I went to urbandictionary.com last night and I learned what nuck if you buck means. I thought that this word made me gangster but when I said it to a black gang, they beat my ass.
by Bubb Cox February 17, 2005
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Nuck if you buck means nod if your bitch ass wants to go. Also one of the worst songs I have veer heard.
I ant got no dam example.
by Bubb Cox February 02, 2005
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