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One of the many songs on "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut"
Performed by Terrance Henry Stoot and Phillip Niles Argyle.
Spoken out against by Sheila Broflovski, Which makes up the remainder of the movie.
Dude! Did you see Terrance and Phillip sing Uncle Fucka on South Park last night?
by Bryton January 02, 2008

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Anyone Who thinks this band sucks/sucked can go BLOW NINE DICKS SIMOULTANIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!
If you compare this band to Greenday or Good Charlotte, I well hunt you down and break your neck/dick. This is not Punk Rock, Pop Punk, but, quite vaguely, punk. It is called Alternative.

Anyone who says this band suck can go and die of Cancer. Yes, I said cancer!
Guy: DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! Blink 182 is sooooo a Good Charlotte ripoff!

Diehard Blink fan: Fuck off, Cockspanker, It was made before Good Charlotte and like 5000000000x better

Guy: Nyha!

Diehard Blink fan: *Shoots him in the head with a spork gun*
by Bryton January 02, 2008

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