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a denisa is a girl,obviously.she's most likely to have green-ish or brown-ish eyes,you never really know if her eyes are actually green or brown.she also has really big boobs,you know.she likes to make surprises,she sings,draws,and loves to help people.denisas are mostly straight,but there are gay,bisexual and pansexual ones.they are the most chill people on earth omg
a lot of guys want her,but in case she is gay/bi/pan,she often looks after women,not men.
she is very chill,but don't get on her bad side.she often cries/laughs out of nowhere but she thinks memes are funny af.
Girl:"oh,did you know that Denisa made a surprise party to tell anyone that she's gay?"
Boy:"oh man..i've wanted to ask her out so badly."
Girl:"i'll do it anyways"

a:"why is Denisa crying?"
b:"she forgot to do her math homework,you know"

Girl:"i wish i had Denisas boobs."
by BruhItzMeYaGirl August 3, 2019
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