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The rights to the name "Oldest brewery in America"(The United States of America) were won in a court decision when representatives of Molson challenged the name. Actually originated in a smaller town in New York, after a few moves, it ended up in Pottsville, PA. Where you will find more people who prefer Yuengling Premium over Lager and its only $10 and a handfull of change for a case of PC's - Premium cans. The proper way to drink this beer is by the traditional means of the teenagers of its hometown. Bush party style, or bonfire for you inferiors. Only thing better than sitting around a fire with your best friends and a cold Yuengling in your hand is sitting around a fire with your best friends and double-fisting it.

PS - We also call "Kegs" Barrels. Get used to it.
Yo chuck, wanna take a half barrel of yuengling up to the rope swing tonight?
by Bruce McMurtrie November 12, 2005
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