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A midsize car that Ford introduced in 1984 available in 4-door or 2-door. It was the design example to the Ford Taurus which came out in 1986. In the late 80s and early 90s it was one of the top selling sedans in North America but sadly production of the vehicle ended in 1994. It tops out at just under 90 mph and is also refered to as a "put-put" but it gets the driver where they need to go and the car resale is minimal at around $700 tops.
Wow, that Tempo is a piece of crap! I'd rather ride a pink bicycle!
by Brown Town January 26, 2006
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any occurance of being a "bitch" in virtually any form of competition.
No, i won't play super smash bros. with you, because you always pull a nathan!
by brown town September 09, 2012
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