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similar to an autopsy. the situation of being at a party or some social gathering with your bro's, and one of you get's a little more than tipsy, in turn passing out on someones floor, bed, couch, naked girl, etc. you or a friend need to perform a brotopsy. in doing so you will make sure he's breathing, and then ask around to see what he was drinking that got him so messed up. then you need to find out where you can get some. bottoms up.
Bro 1 "DUDE, phil needs a Brotopsy he's been out for at least an hour."

Bro 2 "making him DD was a good plan."
by broseph del fuego July 27, 2010

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Appearing worthy to your fellow bro's. a general ability to attract bangable women and to pound many beers. taking part in bro activities like brorgies and sporting a sick brohawk.
Bro 1- "Hey bro, you see how many keystones Ted's pounding tonight?"
Bro 2- "Yeah, he's broworthy to me."
by Broseph Del Fuego June 14, 2010

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