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A Romanian guido. They where too much cologne, talk about how sick their cars are. Generally talk about Audi, BMW, and V-Dubs. They also listen to "hardcore" hip-hop/rap because they are such thugs. Party every weekend with other bromanians and most likely live at home and mooch off of their parents. They also generally meet up at Romanian Pentecostal churches where they all decide where to go "kick it"

There are also sub cultures of the Bromanian. Every major city has a stereotypical kind. Major cities include Seattle, Portland, Sacramento (Sac-town), L.A., Phoenix, Chicago (Chi-town), and New York.
Hey bro, we're going to go boarding this weekend. Oh sick bro, who's ride are we rolling in? Probably Flavius' Jetta, it's fucking euro style. I'll bring the lil wayne and deadmau5. That's tyte bro

Bromanian 1 - "Dude I'm so pissed, I found this Audi/BMW for only like 20k and my parents won't buy it."

Bromanian 2 - "That's fucking gay bro, what the fuck is their problem"
by Bromanian December 12, 2010
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