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The shittiest little town ever. A place where most everything closes at 9 pm causing extreme boredom to anyone between the ages of 14-25. This causes people to have lots and lots of sex which explains why Visalia has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation. Cows and goats are commonly seen in extremely random places throughout the town and their smell is constantly potent. There are more lifted trucks here than any other place in the world. Most people are "bros" or "brohoes." For fun, people often chill in the McCheveron or BJ's parking lot, drink alcohol or snort coak in garages, or take slutty pictures and post them on Facebook.

Most people in Visalia are really, really dumb- that's really the only reason why they would choose/be forced to remain in the town.


Teen pregnancy rate: extremely high
People who use bump-its: extremely high
English speakers: below average
Crackheads: extremely high
Food Stamp users: extremely high
Fat people: extremely high
Me: "I'm from Visalia."

You: "...I'm sorry..."
by BrohoeNumeroUno July 15, 2011
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