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1) A small sum of money used for procuring cheap goods like Newport Cigarettes. People go a great way to obtain said money.
2) A small sum of money used to get sweatpants. People go a great way to obtain said money.
3) A hot new street wear brand sweeping the nation.
Have you ever broken a Puerto Rican dude's arm for sweatpants money?
by BroUpBroDown November 19, 2010
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A derogatory slang term for a specific type of metal head that is extremely elitist, is rarely seen in places other than the internet, listens to doom metal, plays Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft or engages in some other type of nerdy activity. A dumbis is usually fat and will dress in cargo shorts, skate shoes, and an Isis shirt. Dumbi rarely have long hair like other metal heads, instead opting for a long neck beard or slightly "shaggy" hair.
Comedian and actor Brian Posehn is a dumbis.
by BroUpBroDown February 8, 2011
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