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Sometimes used as an initiation routine by gangs they set a new member a kill clock where they have to kill a set number of members of a rival gang in a set time.
Sometimes used as a form of blackmail that if a gang member doesn’t complete a kill clock someone close to them may be harmed/killed.
Sometimes organised by inmates wanting to get to someone on the outside using their gang-contacts.
"You have 24 hours to kill as many rival gang-members or someone close to you will pay... The kill clock is ticking"
by Brizza July 08, 2006
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Sticking two fingers up a ladys poop shoot and two fingers in her vaginal opening and a thumb on her clit. So that the hand resembles a cactus.
Come here beeeyootch for some Cactus Jack Loving!
by Brizza December 30, 2005
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