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Hottopic is a poser-wannabe store for punks/goths who can actually afford hottopic. A store that sells hello kitty merchandise, Band tees and bright colored shirts, CD's, Zebra tights, Hair accessories, 90$ tripp pants, and so on. All of their supplies can lead you to having a bill of 500$, and you walk out with only 2 items.

Hottopic is not punk rock. Real punks didn't have to go to a store that already sells band tees, they had to go to concerts.

They shopped at thrift stores to buy clothes. They didn't go to a store that already sold ripped up jeans, and I'm pretty sure they didn't have to pay 70$. Punks came from low-income families and didn't have the money to buy expensive stuff.

So, there you have it. When you see a "punk" walk out of hottopic, you know why their there; To be a poser.

Not a Punk #1: I guess I wannabe punk now. I'm gonna go to hottopic and pick up some tripp pants and black bracelets.

Not a punk #2: It's fun dressing in black. Let's go to hottopic, cause I can't think of any other store that sells black clothes.

Not a Punk #3: OMG! Let's go spend my parents hard earned money on hottopic shit. I have the money, so let's go buy whatevers punk!
by BringBackTheRealPunks September 22, 2009

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