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A town In Jersey where MOST of the kids are spoiled rotten. Drama is infested here because no one is happy with their lives so they mess someone elses up. In this town kids are wannabees and think theyre cool if they have the new Juicy bag. MATERIAL is a girls bestfriend here. The guys are all jerks. Most girls are skanks PULL YOUR PANTS UP OR YOUR SHIRT DOWN. Pot grows on trees, you can find it pretty much anywhere. The cops are like at every corner and give you tickets for anything. The Freehold Mall is where themmm gangsters be at oh i meann those rich jewish boys who WANT TO BE GANGSTER *go to Trenton and do this lets see if you get beat up * WHERE CHELSEA ROTH & HER NINE GROUP THINK THEY OWN THE PLACE. well guess what girliess yahh dont its NOT YOUR TOWN!
Amanda Vanderstar: hey chelss lets ask daddy to take up to florida in are jets and while were at it lets start drama by making fun of the kids who dont have as much money as us in Manalapan

Chelsea Roth: sure vandaaa!
by BriannaIStheSHIT June 26, 2009

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