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The worst kind of Joke. It isn't funny yet somebody told it and expects people to laugh at it however nobody except those called Lennard will laugh at this Joke. Usually when a Lennard joke is told all the people in this world and other worlds called Lennard will start laughing. So if you have been wondering why Lennard has been laughing so much its because of those Lennard Jokes.
Note: Very popular expression in Germany where this is called a Lennard Witz
Lennard: (Laughing)
Fred: Why is Lennard laughing?
George: Someone somewhere must have made one of those crappy Lennard Jokes.
by Breiter Boss April 9, 2016
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That fat German Kid who looks like Augustus Gloop from charlie and the choclate Factory. Günter can be quite mean and loves to insult people with their mum. However he is terrible at insulting people.
He is also a big Hypocrite.
Fred: Hey Günter I thought you were allergic to chocolate so why are you eating a mars bar?
Günter: Your mum iz really faat and she fucked me lazt night and by ze way I'm only Allergic to some chocolate.
by Breiter Boss April 9, 2016
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