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A group of Chris Brown supporters who stand behind said person no matter what. They do not care if Chris Brown beats up a woman, incites violence and runs people over. TeamBreezy has the same level of introspection as the person they adore; that is to say, zero. TeamBreezy's members and their woman-beating Messiah like to decide when Chris Brown has suffered enough for committing atrociously violent acts. The members of TeamBreezy are most likely in abusive relationships themselves.
TeamBreezy member #1: Hey, did you hear Chris Brown was arrested for a quintiple homicide? The whole thing was caught on video. No denying he did it.

TeamBreezy member #2: Yeah. But you know, I immediately went on twitter and declared my unconditional support for him anyways. Actually, think I like him even better after he murdered five people. It's like the animosity against him makes me want to defend him even more; like, there's something good in him that is even more precious after he's done something so terrible...

TeamBreezy member #1: True dat! TeamBreezy 4 lyfe! Or until he kill me!
by BreamTeezy October 28, 2013
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