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A game that is played on the website Wikipedia.org. In this game, two or more people go from one Wikipedia page to the other by clicking on the blue highlighted words. The starting and finishing pages are determined by either clicking on the random page option or simply by choosing pages in advance. The winner is determined either by who gets to the finishing page in the shortest amount of time, or by who gets there with the fewest clicks. If one computer is faster or slower than the other, it is more reasonable to decide the winner by number of clicks. You cannot use search or the toolbox list of links. You can only go back if the page hasnt fully loaded or if it is a dead end. It is a good game to play when you are supposed to be working.
Jeff got from Willy Wonka to Optimus prime in only seven clicks! Now that is impressive!

By the time Phil got to Giraffe, Katie was stuck on Norwegian Desserts. She sucks at the Wikipedia Game.
by Breakfastfan April 27, 2010
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