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When someone is overly obsessed with the hillarious hit tv-show Family Guy. Some common symptoms of this can be things like; boring the living crap out of your friends by telling the same Family Guy jokes over and over, turning all of your conversations into "did you see yesterdays episode?" or "so Peter was like...". One of the most irritating and shit indulcing symptoms is retelling an entire episode word by word thus extremely boring the other person. If not treated it can leave your personality consisting of nothing but Family Guy jokes.
Family Guy Personality Syndrome (FGPS) victim: Did you see yesterday's episode?!? I almost shit my pants twice!!

Diego: Ehh, no.

FGPS victim: Welllll, let me tell you the whole episode detail by detail! Don't worry it will only take about half an hour and be nowhere near as funny as actually watching it.

*Diego has now left the conversation, or risk getting a severe ear injury.*
by BrazilianFOsho June 03, 2011
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