4 definitions by Braybray54321

Adj : one who takes it in the ass, or eats balls either because they are gay or a sucky individual

A prefix in testicle shitting rectal wort/testicle shitting rectal wart and testicle shitting penguin rapist
can be used in a noun as testicle shitter
Man1: "Billy is such a testicle shitting faggot"
Man2: "Your a testicle shitting ass hole, not because your gay but because your a sucky person shown by your homophobia!'
by Braybray54321 March 9, 2017
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Adj: A testicle shitting penguin rapist is a conjunction of testicle shitting and penguin rapist
it refers to a gay man who sucks balls and does ass who rapes penguins
Noun: An insult used by creative people who need to get their messege across
it is based on the insult in south park which goes : testicle shitting (insert last part here)
man1: Barry is such a testicle shitting penguin rapist!
man2: i know right, at least ask the penguins befor you suck their dicks!
man1: Whoa it was just an insult
by Braybray54321 March 9, 2017
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1. A word that has been rejected from Urban Dictionary
2. A word used to write a definition about a word that was rejected, usually an inside joke for people who complain about their definition not being published
3. A slang word that doesn't catch on and dies alone and sad
4. a joke refering to itself if it becomes lost, and it probily will
Person1: Ugh why cant i come up with a new word that doesnt die alone!
Person2: that should be called a lost word!
Person1: to bad it will end up defining its self
by Braybray54321 March 9, 2017
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noun :A person who is so low on the intelligence meter or so annoying they only qualify as a rectal wart.
used in testicle shitting rectal wort
Man1: "You're such a rectal wort"
Man2: "what's a rectal wort?"
Man1:"it means you're stupid!"
Man2: "What does stupid mean?"
Man1: "Jesus Christ your dumb"
Man2: "huh?"
Man1 : *walks out losing faith in humanity
by Braybray54321 March 9, 2017
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